Haunted Pub Crawl A Thrilling Journey Through Savannah Georgia's Haunted Past

Think ghost stories are just for kids?

 Guess again, because our haunted pub crawl is just for adults! If taking a stroll through a haunted necropolis with an adult beverage in your hand sounds like fun, this is the perfect tour for what ‘ales’ ya.

 Let our knowledgeable tour guide take you on a spooky yet lighthearted walking tour of Savannah’s best pubs and taverns. 

Most of the other ‘knock off’ pub crawls out there ‘beerly’ scratch the surface. But if you tour with us you’ll be sure to enjoy both types of our local “spirits” as we pull back Savannah’s moss curtain to reveal some truly twisted haunted history.

Partake in the city’s most time-honored traditions: alcohol and ghost stories, and let us remember those who are no ‘lager’ with us.

 Reserve your spot today and prepare to experience a tour unlike any other.

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